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About Us

Bufland is a farming group based outside Naboomspruit / Mookghopong in the Limpopo Province and was registered as a company in 2004. The Bufland brand is well known in South Africa and has a proud history.  In the 1950’s, Lukas Eksteen Snr moved from the Free State to Naboomspruit to start a farming career.  At that time he mainly farmed with groundnuts, maize and cattle.


Lukas Eksteen Snr especially pioneered through research on how groundnuts can be dried mechanically.  With ideas from America, Buffelsfontein soon bragged with the fact that they were the first farm in South Africa to do mechanical drying of groundnuts.  These principles are still applied on Bufland today.


In the early 1980s, two of Lukas Eksteen Snr’s sons, Leon and Dewald Eksteen, joined the farming business.  The farming business was then trading as Buffelsfontein Landgoed Trust with three divisions namely Agronomy, Citrus and Stone Fruit.


In 1993 Lukas Eksteen Snr retired and both his sons, Leon and Dewald Eksteen, took over as Associate Chief Executives and later as Associate Managing Directors.   

In 2011, Lukas Eksteen Jnr (first of the third generation), joined the farming business after completing his studies.

Since 2020 the farming operations have been divided into two main pillars. Bufland Agri and Bufland Boerdery respectively. Bufland Agri is the proud steward of the stone fruit, crop farming and Bonsmara cattle divisions.

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