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Bufland Bonsmaras

Exceptional Genetics

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Bufland Bonsmaras was established in 2012 and we used females from well known herds as basis.  We have selected females from Bristow- and ZBR Bonsmaras.  Our bulls are carefully selected to help achieve our breeding goals of efficient post ween growth.

Bufland is situated at the foot of the Waterberg, north west of Mookgophong (Naboomspruit), which is a Hartwater, Redwater and Galsick area. The veld varies from mixed- to sourveld. Bufland Bonsmaras will thus adapt in any part of Southern Africa.

Bufland Bonsmaras follow a strict vetenarian formulated vaccination program, which keeps the herd in good health.  Our feedsubliments are customly formulated by Feedtek, and are usually used to get the bulls ready for mating season or auction.  No growth stimulants or hormones are added.

In 2014 Bufland Bonsmaras launched their first Intensive Group Phase D growth test of 50 bulls from 3 different breeders.  The ration is formulated by Alheit du Toit from Feedtek to suit our specific needs. Since then Bufland hosts multiple tests annually. 

Bonsmara Genetics

Bufland Bonsmaras are also proud and privileged to have obtained the whole herd of Skubani Bonsmaras (IBT) from Buks and Ina Britz in May 2014.  This extremely fertile herd was indeed an excellent investment.

In 2014 and 2016 Bufland Bonsmaras were able to buy the whole herd of Mr John Liechti – HJL Bonsmaras and Beith Bonsmaras of Mr. Peter Beith. This herd is the result of 43 years of intense selection.  This leaves Bufland humbled for the privilege to receive this product of years of hard work.

Bufland Bonsmaras is a member of the Bosveld Bonsmara Club and we sell our progeny on the annual November Warmbaths Sales.

Our annual production sale takes place on the first Wednesday of April.

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