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Bufland Bull Test Centre

Where excellence in genetics come to be tested!

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About the Test Centre

The Centre can house 120 bulls at a time. The facility is accredited by ARC and SA Stamboek. We annually acquire an independent audit of the facility by De Laval. 

When did it start? 

Bufland Bonsmaras Phase D2 Bull test centre opened in 2014. Two phase D and twelve phase C tests are hosted annually. 

How does it Work? 

The Bulls that are entered into the tests need to arrive at the centre at least 4 prior to the start of the test.  On day 28 of the test the bulls will be weighed on an empty stomach and sorted into their groups for the test. The groups will be made up according to the instructions of SA Stamboek and ARC. The main determining factor is age and weight.

All bulls must be registered at their respective breeds. 

On day -1 to 0 of the test, the bulls will be weighed again on an empty stomach to set the starting weight, but also finalize the groups. 

The test will then continue for 84 days. The 84-day test is the most intensive test on offer. The growth of the  bulls are monitored by weighting them every 7 days (Phase C) and 14 days (Phase D). 

A newsletter is then posted to all participants and stakeholders to keep track of their bulls. 

The bulls will be inspected by senior Inspectors before their final approval as Stud bulls. 


The "pay as you use" method of costing is implemented in this test centre. This implies that fresh feed is fed daily.

Cost estimates:

Phase C: Feed + R1 500/bul

Phase D: Feed + R1 000/bul

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